Alan's kinda diary-like thing.

The party from hell report. (12/2/95)

Maya's gig at the Acoustic Coffehouse. (12/16/95)

A trip to hear Widespread Panic at the Ogden Theatre. (2/6/96)

The memorable Hixon Wedding in Las Vegas. (2/29/96)

A peaceful hike in a snow covered state park. (3/9/96)

Some thoughts about rural southern living. (7/96)

Thinking about my runaway cat. (9/4/96)

Two friend's heartbreak. (11/11/96)

When you want to love somebody. (11/18/96)

Images from a cold evening in Denver. (12/17/96)

A perfect way to start a work week. (1/97)

The first snow of the season. (10/24/97)

A humorous song/poem about folk music. (10/28/97)

The late night work confusions. (10/13/98)

Thoughts about a vast world. (10/13/98)

The "I've been dumped" blues. (11/4/98)

A little retrospective time after my friend Paul's accident". (11/5/98)

A second dose of the "I've been dumped" blues. (11/7/98)

Three years of close encounters. (11/22/98)

We're all going in circles. (11/28/98)

Thoughts of seeing my "bro". (11/28/98)

Late one night I saw the storms of life. (11/29/98)

Morning memories part I and part II. (12/9/98)

The holidays bring thoughts of:

A personal love story, in retrospect. (1/10/99)

Its the memories you collect that make life perfect. (1/20/99)

All it takes is a litle time with the right person to wake up. (5/25/99)

I've also been playing around with the idea of writing a short story.

For humors sake, I'm also putting some magnetic poetry fragments online.

At a friend's suggestions, I've decided to add a few fragments of poetry that I've jotted down but never finished:

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