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Although I'm in questionable physical condition, sadly spending the majority of each day sitting behind a computer screen isn't ideal for staying in shape, I love the outdoors and I try to regularly go hiking in the summer and snow shoeing in the winter. (In '93 I got out at least once a month, '94 wasn't as productive but since I moved to Colorado in '95 I've been out much more often. My most memorable hikes as a single guy were: a day hike at the Grand Tetons with my father; four days on the AT in Tennessee for New Year's Eve '93; numerous hikes on the Art Loeb Trail in North Carolina, snow hiking the Cahutta Wilderness in North Georgia; hiking over the Continental Divide with my father in '97 and day hiking in Canyonlands Nat'l Park with my parents in the Fall of '97. Colorado offers so many memorable hikes that compiling the list of the great ones done since '95, and especially since getting married in 2000, is impossible to capture here. However, I have started a series of photo logs of some of the hikes that my wife Jonna and I have done since 2005:

In addition to hiking I've also taken a shot at white water paddling, sea kayaking and scuba. I've done some rafting on the Ocoee but severe shortage of funds (see: Motorcycle Interests) prevents me from buying a kayak and becoming totally addicted. However, for awhile a friend was loaning me gear and patiently trying to teach me the the ins and outs of kayaking. I got in some time in the Colorado white water but also earned the nickname "Captain Nemo" so I think I need more training! On a more relaxed front, I've had the pleasure of sea-kayaking in Australia, Alaska, the Florida Keys and San Francisco Bay. Love it! Finally, in 2011, Jonna and I both got scuba certified and have done a few dives including trips to the Blue Hole in New Mexico and into the shark tank at the Denver Aquarium.

If you are interested in various pinko-commie-hippie environmental organizations, here are some pointers.

(BTW, that's me in the center in the above photo, with friends Don Barry on the left and Bill Crane on the right.)

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