Alan and Jonna's 2013 hikes

With the previous year being our most active yet in terms of hikes, we got 2013 started off right with a hike on New Years Day and then continued throughout the year.

Here are some quick reviews and photos of some of our favorite hikes of 2013:

1) False North Peak, Plumas-Eureka State Park, Johnsville, CA, December 30, 2012 - Technically, this was the last hike of 2012 but as this was our sixth (!) annual trip to Graeagle in the California Sierra Nevadas to spend New Years Eve with Jonna's family I'm counting it as a 2013 hike. We did a few hikes around Graeagle but our big one was our traditional climb to the top of the sledding/ski hill in Plumas-Eureka State Park and then zoomed back down. We had great snow this year (in stark contrast last year!), had two days of perfect sledding, had loads of fun and thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jamie, Bri and Rosie! Our sledding hike was 2 miles snow shoeing on multiple feet of snow, with 700 ft of elevation gain.

2) Como Creek trail, Ward, CO, January 6, 2013 - Our hiking crew's first hike of the new year was to explore a new section of the trail system in the Como Creek valley. It hasn't snowed recently in our area but we were still able to find some old, crunchy snow so we could give the snowshoes a workout. A warm, sunny day for a nice hike through trees. A three mile loop with almost 500 ft of elevation gain.

3) Ellsworth Creek trail, Rollinsville, CO, January 13, 2013 - Despite temperatures hovering in the single digits, our hiking group got together for our regularly scheduled hike this weekend. This time it was to re-discover a trail we haven't seen in over a decade: an unnamed trail that follows Ellsworth Creek in the Arapaho National Forest. Crusty old snow meant hiking, not snowshoeing, but it was still a nice walk through the pines and aspens to an old mining site. 3 miles round trip with 400 ft of elevation gain.

4) Lookout Trail, West Magnolia trail system, Nederland, CO, January 20, 2013 - For various reasons, a hike didn't really happen this weekend but we did get out for a few minutes for a quick walk in the neighborhood. In this case, we took advantage of our first chance to go into the recently re-opened West Magnolia area to see the results of the National Forest Service's pine beetle kill and fire mitigation program. It was shocking to see clear cut meadows in what had previously thick pine forest. A quick 1 mile loop with 200 ft of elevation gain.

5) County Road 355 and Hobbit trail, West Magnolia trail system, Nederland, CO, January 27, 2013 - This wekeend we decided to head back to the West Magnolia trail system to furthur explore the cutting done by the National Forest Service's fuel reduction plan. I don't disagree with the plan and understand the need to respond to the pine beetle epidemic and to defend against forest fires...but it is still sad to see many trees cut down and to think of how long it will be before a healthy forest regrows in this area. The hike was a little over 3 miles in length with around 300 ft of elevation gain.

6) Ellis Lode Mine, Ellsworth Creek trail system, Gilpin, CO, February 3, 2013 - The hiking gang decided to return to the Ellsworth Creek area to try out some more of the trails and roads there. We wound our way around for awhile until we found the old Ellis Lode Mine. A little post-holing through shin deep snow but otherwise a nice hike through the woods on a warm winter day. 4 miles out and back with 750 ft of elevation gain.

7) Bluebird Loop trail, Caribou Ranch Open Space, Nederland, CO, February 10, 2013 - Alan was on call again at work so he, Jonna and Lyle did another hike this weekend that was close to home...the Caribou Ranch loop just outside Ned. An overnight snow storm left a fresh dusting of snow on the ground and dark clouds dropped a few more flakes while we were hiking. A nice hike through the woods in one of our favorite parks. A 4.5 mile loop with 200 ft of elevation gain.

8) Chapman Drive Trail, Boulder, CO, February 17, 2013 - It was just Alan and Lyle for this weekend's hike. Since we've had so little snow this winter, we decided to get a jump on the spring training hikes by heading down to Boulder to hike one of the front range peaks. It has been a few years since we checked out the Chapman Drive trail so we decided to hike that up Flagstaff Peak. At the top, we did a loop with the Ute and Rangeview trails, then came back down Tenderfoot trail. A beautiful day for hiking and some nice views of the snow covered Indian Peaks. A 7 mile loop with 1,300 ft of elevation gain.

9) Sourdough & Wapiti trails, Brainard Lake Recreation Area, Ward, CO, February 24, 2013 - Finally, we got some real Colorado "Winter Wonderland" weather! Our friend Krista came to visit and apparently brought a snow storm with her. With a foot of fresh powder on the ground and more falling, we headed up to the Brainard Lake Recreation Area to put some miles on our snow shoes. We found the Sourdough trail unused and had a beautiful hike breaking trail through virgin snow. A tad under 4 miles out-and-back with 600 ft of elevation gain.

10) Ellis Lode Mine, Ellsworth Creek trail system, Gilpin, CO, March 2, 2013 - Our friend Krista again joined our hiking group this weekend as we went out to take advantage of all the recent snow. We dug the cross-country skis out of from under a year's worth of garage cruft and returned to the Ellsworth Creek trail system. Fortunately, we had blue skies and warm weather but unfortunately it was a little too warm for skiing. The snow was warm and sticky which turned the non-waxed skis into heavy, odd-shaped snow shoes. I gave up and just hiked the whole thing but the rest of the group toughed it out. 3.8 miles with 700 ft of elevation gain.

11) Negro Bill/Morning Glory Arch Trail, Moab, UT, March 09, 2013 - Lyle, Jonna and Alan decided to escape the snowy weather of Colorado and headed to Utah for a weekend of hiking in the red rocks. The weather on Saturday morning was grey and overcast but we still had a fine hike up Negro Bill canyon to Morning Glory Arch. 5.2 miles out to the arch and back but relatively flat with just 300 ft of elevation.

12) Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Moab, UT, March 09, 2013 - After our Saturday morning hike, we headed into Arches National Park in the afternoon to check out Delicate Arch. After having the morning trail mostly to ourselves, the crowded Delicate Arch trail offered quite a contrast. Doubly so, since it was snowing intermittently as we hiked up. Nonetheless, it was great to see the symbol of Arches National Park from up close. 3 miles round trip with a 600 ft climb.

13) Upheaval Dome, Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT, March 09, 2013 - We capped off Saturday's hiking with a drive through the Island In The Sky section of Canyonlands National Park and the walk out to the Upheaval Dome overlooks. Jonna chose to nap in the car but Lyle and Alan made the trip out to both of the overlooks. A short 2 mile hike but with enough up and down to total around 400 ft of elevation.

14) Fisher Towers, Moab, UT, March 10, 2013 - Our final hike for our Utah weekend was a Sunday morning sunrise trip out to the Fisher Towers scenic overlook. It was a beautiful day for a hike and the rising sun was stunning on the massive stone walls of canyons inside the Fisher Towers. Incredible! Just under 5 miles total with 700 ft of elevation.

15) Racoon Trail, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Golden, CO, March 17, 2013 - Lyle, Jonna and Alan headed to Golden Gate State Park this weekend to explore another new trail: the Racoon Trail loop from Reverend's Ridge campground up to Panorama Point and back down again. We dodged snow clouds so that we had bright blue skies for most of the hike, while the white stuff piled up just a few miles away. A 3.5 mile loop with a total of around 700 ft of elevation gain.

16) Rainbow Lakes Road, Ward, CO, March 24, 2013 - What a great day to get out! We have had two days of fresh Spring snow so it was a perfect opportunity to get out the Nordic skis. Holly, Rick, Lyle, Jonna and Alan found a lightly traveled area for some backcountry skiing in the foot of fresh powder that has accumulated this weekend. It was cold out and snowing heavily but that just added to the adventure. We all had fun having a chance to play in the fresh snow. 4.2 miles in length with a mild climb of 500 ft.

17) Green Mountain, City Of Boulder Open Space And Mountain Parks, Boulder, CO, March 30, 2013 - It is Deja Vu all over again! Lyle and Alan headed out this weekend to continue the spring tradition of hiking all five of the Boulder front range peaks. We hiked Flagstaff Mtn a few weeks ago and this weekend decided on Green Mountain. Last weekend's snow stuck around making for icy trail conditions but we made it to the top anyway to enjoy the views out over Boulder, back onto the Continental Divide and of the puffy white clouds in the bright blue sky. To mix things up, we decided to try a new approach trail: up Saddle Rock, then continuing up via Amphitheater and Greenman, coming down via Ranger and Gregory Canyon. A touch over 5 miles in length with 2,500 ft of elevation gain.

18) Bear Peak, City Of Boulder Open Space And Mountain Parks, Boulder, CO, April 6, 2013 - Denied! Lyle and Alan headed back down to Boulder with the plan of hiking both Bear Peak and South Boulder Peak. Unfortunately, last year's late season fire burned both peaks and South Boulder Peak is still closed. Nonetheless, we had great day for hiking a little and intermittently cloudy, just the thing for a big climb up a steep mountain. Up Fern Canyon and down Bear Canyon made for 8 miles in length with a total elevation gain of 2,700 ft.

19) Mallory Cave, City Of Boulder Open Space And Mountain Parks, Boulder, CO, April 14, 2013 - Denied again...twice. Lyle and Alan decided to try South Boulder Peak from a different approach but again found the trail closed. So we changed plans and headed for Mallory Cave instead. It was snowing in the mountains but clear blue skies down in Boulder so we a beautiful, if chilly, hike along the foothills. Unfortunately, Mallory Cave was closed to protect the bats living there from White Nose Syndrome. Still, we had a nice long hike through the pines and some great views down onto NCAR and south Boulder. 9.5 miles with around 2,000 ft of total elevation gain.

20) East Magnolia trail system, Nederland, CO, April 28, 2013 - For the first time in months all four members of our weekend hiking group were together, plus the bonus of having our friend Jennifer join us. Jonna was hiking with a knee injury so we headed for a relatively easy trail: the eastern end of the East Magnolia trail system. It was a beautiful day to get out an enjoy the mountains with blue skies, cool air and no wind! 4.2 meandering miles with 550 ft of elevation.

21) Mt. Sanitas, Boulder County Open Space & Mountain Parks, Boulder, CO, May 5, 2013 - With Jonna sitting at home recovering from knee surgery and Holly tying up her professorial work for the year, it was just Lyle and Alan for this weekend's hike. Alan was on-call so we headed down to the front range where we'd have cell signal. We opted to finish up our spring front range peak spring hike tradition by climbing Mt Sanitas. We started at Settler's Park, explored the Settler's Quarry side trail, then went over Red Rocks Spur, down again to Sanitas traihead, then up Dakota Ridge, where we tackled the Mt Sanitas peak via the east route. From there is was down the southern ridge, around Red Rocks on Anemone trail and finally back to the car. All that climbing was good because there was a chill in the air and it was a bit overcast. (Another spring snow storm is suppposed to roll in tonight!) A 4.5 mile loop with 1,500 ft of elevation gain.

22) Mt. Bierstadt, Georgetown, CO, May 18, 2013 - No hike last weekend so Alan made up for it with a big hike this weekend. Some co-workers at Alan's work have started a 14er Club (hiking mountains 14,000ft or higher) and he joined them to hike Mt. Bierstadt. Normally, this is one of the easiest 14ers to hike but Guanella Pass road was closed due to how much snow was still up at that altitude. This meant the hike started 2 miles from the normal trailhead and the entire climb was done in the snow. Fortunately, it started out overcast and cool and was below freezing at the summit! I've said it before and will say it again: time spent in the high country is magical. The views were literally and figuratively breath-taking. 11 miles up and back with a steep 3,250 ft climb.

23) Champion Mine, Nederland, CO, May 26, 2013 - Our friends Desiree and Gaelin joined Alan and Jonna for Jonna's first real hike after having knee surgery. We headed up to the West Magnolia trailhead and then headed up Forest Service Road 105 to the old Champion Mine site. This turned out to be the coolest mine site we've ever visited, with a mostly complete stamp mill still in place on a hillsite. 5 miles out and back with 800 ft of climb.

24) Mt. Sherman, Fairplay, CO, June 23, 2013 - For our first hike back after vacation, we joined some of Alan's co-workers for another climb of a 14er. It was a perfect day for hiking: clear blue skies, just cool enough to keep from overheating and only a slight breeze up at the summit. The climb up went past two different mine sites which kept the hike interesting. It was a traffic jam up at the top but the stunning panorama of the Sawatch Range made it a great day. A little under 5 1/2 miles in length with 2,100 ft of elevation gain.

25) Ouzel Falls, Wild Basin area, Rocky Mountain National Park, Allenspark, CO, June 30, 2013 - This weekend the tables were turned, as Alan ended up joining someone else's hiking group. Specifically, his friend Desiree called to say that she, her partner Philippe and her son Gaelin were heading up to Wild Basin to check out the water falls there. We had a nice hike up past Copeland Falls to Calypso Falls and these on to Ouzel Falls. We considered hiked further but the expected afternoon storms showed up a little early so we turned back at the sound of thunder and returned to the trailhead accompanied by a constant pitter-patter of rain drops. 6.5 miles out and back with a climb of 1,100 ft.

26) Diamond Lake, Eldora, CO, July 7, 2013 - For the 4th of July weekend, it only seemed natural to head to the 4th of July trailhead for this weekend's hike. Lyle, Jonna and Alan did the short hike to Diamond Lake, enjoying all the colorful wildflowers and the raging waterfalls. It was a great day for a summer hike, with a cooling breeze and bright blue skies. 5.6 miles round trip with 1,200 ft of elevation rise.

27) Mt Evans, Springs, CO, July 14, 2013 - This weekend it was time to check another 14er off the list. Our hiking crew joined the hiking club from Alan's work to hike Mt Evans. Nine of us started from the Summit Lake trailhead, climbed up Mt Spalding and then crossed the west ridge to the summit of Mt Evans. Unfortunately, a late morning storm rolled in which covered the mountain in pea soup fog. We bailed out on hiking back down. Alan thumb'ed a car ride back down, picked up the car and drove back up to collect the rest of the cold, wet hiking crew. Just a tad under 4 miles one-way with a climb of 1,900 ft.

28) Champion Mine, Nederland, CO, July 21, 2013 - Our friends Desiree and Gaelin joined Lyle, Jonna and Alan for a follow-up exploration of the West Magnolia trail system. We returned to the very cool Champion Mine but this time via a different route that we're calling the Geocache Super-highway. It was a hot, cloudless day so we were happy to be in the trees for most of the hike. Fortunately, there were still a lot of summer wildflowers out so we got to enjoy a colorful tapestry in every field. A 6 mile loop with 650 ft of elevation gain.

29) Medicine Bow Peak, Snowy Range, Centennial, WY, July 28, 2013 - Lyle, Jonna and Alan headed out this weekend for a hiking-n-biking trip. We rode the motorcycles up to Wyoming to spend a day hiking in the Snowy Range. The hike, from Lake Marie up to Medicine Bow Peak, was idyllic: a perfect day for hiking, the thickest carpet of wildflowers we could imagine and the scenic Snowy Range to explore. 7.6 miles to the top and back, with 1,600 ft of elevation gain.

30) Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross, Mosquito Range, Alma, CO, August 4, 2013 - Lyle and Alan joined three of Alan's co-workers for a big hike! We started out before dawn and did the climb up Mt. Democrat. As we hiked the sky grew light and sunrise slowly illuminated all the stunning mountains around us. First we summited Mt. Democrat, then dropped back down to the saddle, then made the grind up Mt. Cameron. From there it was a short drop and then a steep stairstep up Mt. Lincoln. Finally, we looped around onto the flank of Mt. Bross and then the steep decent back down to the car. It was cool and windy but with all that uphill it made for perfect hiking weather. An 8 mile loop with 3,700 ft of elevation gain (but the big part was the 2 mile, 2500 ft drop at the end!)

31) Pawnee Pass, Brainard Lake Recreation Area, Ward, CO, August 11, 2013 - Lyle and Alan headed out to do another spectacular hike. For this one we headed up to the scenic Brainard Lake National Recreation Area. Even arriving early, we found the Long Lake trailhead parking lot full and had to park down at Brainard Lake and hike in. We went around Long Lake on the Jean Lunning trail, then climbed up to (the drained empty) Lake Isabelle. From there it was up, up and more up to get to Pawnee Pass on the Continental Divide. From the top you could look northwest all the way to Lake Granby and look southeast all the way to Denver...nearly 100 miles of visibility. The afternoon storms rolled in on our way down so we were in and out of rain sprinkles and light hail all the back to the car. 12 miles up and back with a 2,300 ft climb.

32) Como Creek trail, Ward, CO, August 18, 2013 - Our friend Karen joined Holly, Jonna and Alan for this weekend's hike. We decided on a nice, mellow hike this weekend and so we headed back to the Como Creek valley to walk the old Switzerland Trail railroad bed to the border of the Caribou Ranch Open Space. We were again surprised to see so many late season wildflowers but also to see loads of mushrooms popping up out of the ground. Clearly the late summer rains have extended the growing season. 5.7 miles with 350 ft of elevation gain.

33) Barr Trail & Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO, August 23 & 24, 2013 - This weekend's hike actually took all weekend. Lyle and Alan joined 10 of Alan's co-workers for the climb from Manitou Springs to the summit of Pikes Peak. We did half the hike Saturday, spent the night at the back country Barr Camp, and then did the remainder of the trip to the top on Sunday. We had perfect weather on both days and were happy Jonna met us at the summit to give us a ride down. 13.5 miles in length with just under 8,000 ft of elevation gain.

34) Ellsworth Creek Trail, Rollinsville, CO, September 1, 2013 - We had a few friends join us this weekend for an easy weekend hike: Karen, Desiree and Gaelin joined Holly, Jonna and Alan to explore the tangled web of trails that are in the Ellsworth Creek valley. Rain clouds rolled in while we were hiking but the first drops held off until we were within sight of the cars. All the recent rain has turned the wildflowers to mush but has thousands of mushrooms popping up everywhere. A little over four miles over a mixture of trails, with a climb of 700 ft.

35) South Arapaho Peak, Eldora, CO, September 7, 2013 - Lyle and Alan decided to do another big hike this weekend: South Arapaho Peak. It was an exhausting climb but well worth it as the trail wound through high alpine tundra for miles. The tundra is a magical place...high above treeline there are miles of meadows covered by a spongy mass of millions of tiny plants and miniature flowers. The entire place is filled with tiny squeaks, chirps and clicks of pika, marmots, crickets, bees and butterflies. The ascent to the peak was a grind but the "top of the world" views match any peak on the front range. We were chased all the way back down to the car by a thunderstorm but only a few stray raindrops caught up to us. 9 miles up to the top and back down, with a steady climb to the summit of 3,500 ft.

36) West Magnolia trail system, Nederland, CO, September 15, 2013 - With Colorado being hammered by horrible, tragic flooding Holly, Jonna and Alan decided to force a little normalcy into our lives by getting together for our normal weekend out. We all headed out into the pouring rain to get in a short hike. With so many roads closed, and so many creeks overflowing their banks our trail choices were limited so we headed to the nearby West Magnolia trail system and slopped our way through the rain and mud. We only lasted about an hour before we were soaked but it was still nice to get out. A short 1.2 mile loop with a mild 150 feet of elevation climb.

37) Shelter #1, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Golden, CO, September 29, 2013 - Desiree, Gaelin and Philippe made the long drive up to join our hiking group for a stroll through the pines and aspens in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The park was bustling with visitors so we decided to hike the quiet, little used trail up to backcountry shelter #1. The aspens leaves are probably a week or two away from peak colors but the weather this weekend was perfect for checking out the early fall colors. Just a bit over 4 miles in length but a climb of 1,300 ft.

38) Lookout Mountain, Meeker, CO, October 6, 2013 - Lyle, Jonna and Alan headed out to enjoy the first real snowfall of the autumn. Our first idea was stymied by Rocky Mountain National Park being closed but we found a different trail along the edge of the park where we could enjoy a climb to a peak with a panoramic view of Long's Peak. The weather was cool enough to keep the fresh snow around but clear enough we could enjoy the view. 5.5 miles up and back down with 2,000 ft of elevation.

39) Mt Quandary, Blue River, CO, October 13, 2013 - With Jonna out of town, Lyle and Alan decided to do a little winter-ish mountaineering this weekend. We headed out to do a snowy 14er. It was clear, cold, at times icey and it was blowing a gale (honestly, some gusts would knock us off our feet!). Neither of us were in perfect health but we persevered which made the summit that much enjoyable. The views from the top of all the snow-covered mountains was just spectacular! A little over 7 miles in length with a climb of 3,500 ft (and, of course, with a corresponding decent).

40) Forest Lakes, Toland, CO, October 27, 2013 - Our friends Desiree and Gaelin again joined our hiking crew for this weekend's hike. We decided to re-visit what was a favorite hike of ours just a few years ago: Forest Lakes from the Moffat Tunnel trailhead. It was a little windy at the trailhead but perfect hiking weather once we got up into the trees and gorgeous once we got up to the lakes (which are just below treeline.) A little over 7 miles up and back, with 1,500 ft of elevation gain.

41) Deer Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO, November 2, 2013 - Lyle, Jonna and Alan headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park to check out what is normally a crazy, crowded trail: Deer Mountain from the Deer Ridge Junction trailhead. However, the recent floods and the resulting damaged road have turned the park into a ghost town so we enjoyed a beautiful hike with plenty of animals about but very people. The perfect blue sky, fresh white snow and dark green pine trees all combined to provide a colorful display. A little over 6 miles with a climb of 1,000 ft up to the summit.

42) Bluebird Loop trail, Caribou Ranch Open Space, Nederland, CO, November 10, 2013 - Desiree and Gaelin again joined our hiking group this time for a pleasant loop through the Boulder County Open Space at Caribou Ranch. A great Fall hike: a cool breeze kept the clouds out of the bright blue sky, ice bobbed in the North Boulder Creek and brown grass covered the Ranch meadow. 4.5 miles in length but relatively flat with just a 200 ft climb.

43) South St Vrain trail, Jamestown, CO, November 17, 2013 - Despite the crazy, gusting winds Lyle, Jonna and Alan got out to explore the fresh snow left by an over-night storm. We tried a few different trails before finding one that was open (due to the recent floods). Fortunately, we found the South St. Vrain trail open and enjoyed the relative calm of the thick pine forest, while the tree tops were bent 90 degrees by the powerful gusts. We called the hike early, as the trail climbed out of the trees and we started getting blasted by ice crystals. Just 3 miles in length with 500 ft of elevation.

44) Rabbit Mountain, Boulder County Open Space, Lyons, CO, November 23, 2013 - Alan ventured out with his good buddy Todd for this weekend's hike. We decided to head up to the Boulder County Open Space at Rabbit Mountain, just outside Lyons, see how they faired during the big flood. It was cold and overcast but trails were in good (if muddy) condition and fresh snow made for scenic views. A little under 6 miles long with a little over 400 ft of elevation.

45) Button Rock Mountain, Pinewood Springs, CO, November 30, 2013 - The hiking crew joined our friend Todd this weekend to explore a new trail near his house in Pinewood Springs. We started down in the little community then climbed up to the ridge due west of town and then up the ridge to the south to the top of Button Rock. Most of last week's snow had melted but we still had some slipping and sliding in the shady areas. Nice views of Longs Peak and down onto Lyons before hiking back in the lengthening shadows of dusk. A little under 9 miles in length with a touch over 1,700 ft in elevation.

46) West Magnolia Road trail system, Nederland, CO, December 8, 2013 - Our hiking group gets a dedication award for venturing out on this weekend's hike. Sub-teen temperature and gusting wind made for a bitterly cold day. Nonetheless, we headed out to enjoy the recent fresh snow in the nearby Magnolia Road trail system. We only made it about 2 miles round-trip with maybe 200 ft of elevation before the freezing wind turned us around but at least we got out!

47) Crater Lake trail, East Portal trailhead, Toland, CO, December 15, 2013 - Alan and Lyle were on our own for this weekend's hike. There was enough snow on the ground to ski or snowshoe but we decided the trail was packed down enough to hike. We tried to get up to Crater Lake but the snow softened after a couple of miles so, after a little post-holing, we turned back. Despite coming up short of our goal we enjoyed a great day in the mountains. 4.5 miles out and back with a climb of 800 ft.

48) Wideawake townsite hike, Pickle Gulch trailhead, Blackhawk, CO, December 22, 2013 - It was just Jonna and Alan for this near-holiday hike so we decided to try out a new trail. I was another cold and windy day but we still made the climb up to the ghosttown of Wideawake to see the remains of the old buildings and to see the location of the mine. From there, we started up Blackhawk Peak but post-holing through shin deep snow and a bone chilling wind turned us back short. Just under 3 miles in length with 1,000 ft of elevation gain.

49) East Magnolia trail system, Nederland, CO, December 28, 2013 - Our friend Krista joined Jonna and Alan for a short between-the-holidays hike in the mountains. It was an overcast day, with a snow storm rolling in, but we enjoyed a nice hike through the woods just outside of town. 3 miles in length with a mild 350 foot climb.

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