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Welcome to Alan's Home Page

Hiya! Sorry this isn't more exciting but I just haven't had the tools (mainly graphics manipulation tools) that I'd like to pretty it up. However, to give you a glimpse inside my addled brain, I've created some pages to go along with my major hobbies. For an even better understanding, you can peruse some boring biographical information.

I like to think of myself as multi-dimensional but since I don't have room to list everything that rattles around in my head I'll just say that I'm addicted to motorcycles, hiking, philosophy, cooking, music, gaming, travel and computers.

You're also welcome to a copy of my resume. For the business card collector, here is my recent MystroTV business card, as well my old N2 Broadband business card, and some really old cards like my Careertrack business card, Mancala business card, VR1 business card, ONE business card, Blackstone business card or even one of my ancient AT&T business cards! Finally, I'd love for you to have a copy of my PGP public key.

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