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I played around with Martial Arts back in 1985 but found I liked the philosophy stuff more than the bruises. Since then I've had the pleasure of working closely with Tibetan Monks, doing Zen meditation, reading lots of interesting books, doing wilderness walking meditation (also known as hiking) and otherwise developing my spiritual interests. While in Atlanta, I also went back to school (who'd a thunk it?) a few times. Most recently as a philosophy/religion student at Georgia State University. Fortunately, I'm pretty apathetic about the degree thing so this fits-n-starts approach to an education doesn't bother me.

I'm a devote Alanist but my interests include mysticism, Hindu cosmology, Taoist metaphysics, and various aspects of Buddhism.

Since this page really doesn't tell you much about what goes on in this mixed up head of mine, I've decided to make periodic entries on a blog and on rare occastions add to an online diary. maintain a list of books I've recently read and keep a list of movies I've seen.

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