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Here is the boring stuff...

I was hatched...errr...born July 25, 1967 to Brenda and Harvey Fleming and subsequently raised in Crestview, Florida. I graduated from Crestview High School in 1985 and charged off to Georgia Tech as a computer science student. I eventually dropped out of Tech as a Junior and as a very disillusioned scholar.

After beating around the Atlanta high-tech market (including stints at Honeywell-Bull, DEC and AT&T Tridom) I moved to Colorado in '95 and bought a little hippie shack. Although I miss my friends back in Atlanta, I really love it here in the mountains. Colorado is a beautiful place which caters to my hiking and motorcycling passions. Moving also introduced me to Jonna, who in September of 2000 became my wife! That in turn brought another addition to the cat family and a new house. Untile recently, I managed a data center for the MystroTV software development group of Time Warner Cable building next generation cable TV products) I am currently looking for whatever will come next.

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Alan Fleming