The cats of the house:


After Rinnie went away, I'd been wanting another cat. My then-girlfriend had asthma and was allergic to cats so I'd been holding off. When she mentioned that she'd always wanted a Siamese, I jumped at the chance. In early September I found Basmati (aka "Baz the Spaz") at the Denver Pound. He was apparently born in June '97 and had this cute kittenish desperation for attention. His energy seems to have done nothing but increase since he came home. He's the terror of the house and is constantly annoying Soc (and now Lily!). He's very entertaining and isn't real bright (you know its obvious when your vet says "He's a little goof-ball isn't he?" after watching him bump into things.)


When I adopted Baz, there was a cute little tortoise-shell kitty that was really affectionate. While picking up Baz, the veterinarian tech mentioned the Tortie was scheduled to be put down soon since no one had adopted her. After a short delay, I decided to rescue the little sweetie. Thus, Jasmine (aka "Jazzy") has also joined my household. She is about a month older than Baz, is his best friend and his complete opposite. She's will sit in your lap for hours, just purring and enjoying the attention.


When my wife Jonna and I moved in together, the household got another cat larger! Her cat Lily had been the neighborhood huntress at Jonna's previous house in Marshall but is now the princess of our house as an indoor only kitty. She's earned the nickname Gollum because of her split personality: one minute a devoted purring lap cat, the next a arching, hissing angry ball of fur. Lily was born in April of '95.


I used to have another cat but she got out one day and never returned. The mountains aren't a friendly environment for house cats. :-(

This is Rinpoche (aka "Rinnie") when she was still a kitten. She was another homeless kitty, living under the building where I was working in the summer of '91. Unfortunately, her mother (a wild Siamese) trained her to be scared of humans so she was skiddish around strangers. She was really loveble around me but few other people ever got to see what a sweet cat she was. Rinnie was 5 years old when she disappeared.


This is Socrates (aka "Soc"). Soc made his way into my life as a wee little kitten at a Benifit concert for the Homeless in Atlanta in September of 1989. He passed away on Jan 11, 2008 after living a long, happy life. He was my companion and was the greatest cat! (All those other cat owners are just deluded.)

To understand the cat's world, here are some photos of the interior of our home.

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