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Dorje Internet Services Home Page

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What is Dorje Internet Services?
It was originally my collection of Sun servers, then became a collection of linux servers and now is a single linux server that is connected to the Internet via a 7x24 802.11b wireless link from a local Internet coop.

No, what is "Dorje Internet Services"?
Oh, you mean the name? For decades it was just a fancy title I came up with to sound like I had a legitimate reason to be on the Internet but after retiring from working full-time in 2017 I actually created Dorje Internet Services as an LLC. Now, if someone really wants to pay me to do some consulting or contract work there is an actual legal entity with that name.

Okay, then what's a "dorje"?
According to The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion, a dorje is: Tib., lib. "lord of stones." Originally, as lightening or thunderbolt (vajra), the weapon attributed to the Hindu god Indra, the source of the name of Tantric Buddhism. In this context it was interpreted as indestructible diamond. The dorje is the symbol of the clear immutable essence of reality that is the basis of everything. Additionally, the term dorje is the name of an instrument used by Tibetan monks to aid meditation. The icon at the top of this page is a dorje in its instrument incarnation.

What's on dorje.com?
Not much. After decommissioning the motorcycle blog and World Superbike racing podcast all that is left are a couple of noncommercial motorcycle related mailing lists. The web server is mainly in place as a vehicle to publish my personal website. However, I've also got a collection of jokes and computer folklore I've collected during my years on the net.

Well, who's on dorje.com?
Originally, it was just me. Then I gave out guest accounts to some of my friends. Then all that dried up and now it is just me again.

Finally, many thanks to Mike Bate for making the great Dorje Internet Services icon. Bravo!

Alan Fleming alanf@dorje.com