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Dorje Icon Info


Here's dorje's icon:
dorje.gif - a letter-head sort of thing for the main page.
dorje_s.gif - which is intended as a 'back to dorje page' icon.

Both are saved in gif89a format, using 16 colors (4 bit color depth, to keep filesize down).

If you use the width/height tags, actual size (pixels) is:
dorje.gif 300 * 175 (6555 bytes)
dorje_s.gif 70 * 35 ( 610 bytes)

Wood grain in the dorje is the surface of my kitchen table, just under the top left corner of my keyboard.

Hopefully the Dalai Lama won't call in and see it...


Many thanks to Mike Bate for making these great Dorje Internet Services icons. Bravo!

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Alan Fleming alanf@dorje.com