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Chuck Rogers' RnF '04 Pictures

WARNING: Each of these thumbnails is a link to a full sized version of the photo. These photos are large and make take awhile to download at dial-up speeds. You have been warned...

0.) Westminster RTD Park 'n Ride (Starting Point): Val models tres chic Hawk JATO units.

1.) Estes Park, Molly B's Restaurant: Rocket-Powered Hawk 'n Spoons - Don't follow THIS Hawk too closely! Val shows off trophies from Molly B's restaurant, stuck to her magnetic tank bag.

2.) Cameron Pass Summit: Takin' a break at the summit turnout. Time to deploy that "spare" gas.

3.) Cameron Pass Summit: "Tank is full, switch is on..." (Altitude 10,285 ft)

4.) Snowy Range Miner's Cabin Turnout: Highest altitude during the day's riding, close to 11,000 ft.

5.) Snowy Range Miner's Cabin Turnout: Val says it's chilly up here too, even in July.

6.) Snowy Range Miner's Cabin Turnout: Monument to Chuck's left is for the October 1955 DC-4 plane crash on Medicine Bow Peak.

7.) Snowy Range Miner's Cabin Turnout: Val and Chuck group photo, a friendly Harley lady is taking the picture.

8.) Snowy Range Miner's Cabin Turnout: Plane Crash monument - check it out in high-rez.

9.) Snowy Range Miner's Cabin Turnout: Val admires alpine tundra and wildflowers.

10.) The Feed (Miss Vicki's House in Fort Collins): WeatherMeister John, current holder of the coveted DickWeed award.

11.) The Feed: DaveT showcases yet another excellent moto-T-shirt for The Feed.

12.) The Feed: I have a photo of John with eyes closed for every RnF.

13.) The Feed: Host Gary, John and DaveT enjoying the festivities.

14.) The Feed: Kathleen also brought a cool moto-T-shirt.

15.) The Feed: Gary's Sister and Brother-in-law's sister, .

16.) The Feed: Gary's Brother-in-law, .

17.) The Feed: The One True Beth(tm) showcases the brew du jour - No wait, there's some kind of dog on the label: that CAN'T be The Farkleberry!

18.) The Feed: DaveT ignites the '59 Triumph 350 for Daredevil Alan Fleming's Amazing Stunt Ride. It fires right up, too! Note the cool "59 350" plate on the front fender, and the authentic, but somehow understated oil seepage at the cylinder base.

19.) The Feed: DaveT delivers Alan's "pre-flight" instructions. "These brakes might not be exactly what you're used to."

20.) The Feed: Alan smiles, full of confidence and enthusiasm, still thinking he has brakes.

21.) The Feed: Stalwart Alan launches alarmingly close to The Weeds(tm), skillfully navigating the perils of the Driveway of Insufficient Health(tm). Of course, he's accelerating at this point. The stopping comes later.

22.) The Feed: Denizens anticipate Alan's dramatic return. From left, Val, Kathleen, Mark, John, The One True Beth, DaveT, and Jonna.

23.) The Feed: Denizens Jonna, Kathleen, John, and DaveT with some of Miss Vicki's masterpiece cuisine.

24.) The Feed: Le Chef Magnifique Miss Vicki relaxes with friend, following the (three!) selection dessert course.